How to wash baby clothes? A helpful guide!

How to wash baby clothes? A helpful guide!

March 29, 2021

Having a newborn baby is one of the most exciting and amazing experiences in life. However, we know there can be challenges along the way. One of the biggest questions we get asked is how to wash baby clothes? Another is what temperature should I wash the baby clothing at or what detergent should I use? We have put together a guide below detailing all you need to know on how to wash baby clothes so you can focus more on enjoying time with your baby and less time worrying about laundry! 

1. Wash baby clothes before use 

We would always recommend washing clothes for babies prior to use. Although we make sure that your personalised baby clothing order is as dust-free, clean and well taken care of, it is always a good idea to consider washing baby clothing before use no matter what. The reason being is that baby skin is very sensitive and can be easily irritated. Washing your baby clothing with a suitable detergent and fabric conditioner is our recommended first step. 

2. Pick a non-biological detergent 

The detergent and fabric condition you use to wash your baby clothes is also an important decision. There are so many detergents and fabric conditioners out there so finding the correct products can be difficult! However, we have a few recommendations. Firstly, avoid using biological detergents. As noted above, babies have very delicate skin and using biological detergents, which the enzymes in biological detergents can irritate. Go for a non-biological detergent instead as these are still highly effective but sensitive for the skin. 

3. Use fabric conditioner for added softness 

Want to keep your baby clothes soft as long as possible? We would recommend using a fabric conditioner when washing your baby clothes. A gentle fabric conditioner will keep your baby clothes soft for longer and also provide that extra comfort your baby deserves! 

4. Turn down the heat 

It might be tempting to put your baby clothes in with your regular laundry but washing baby clothes on a high heat can be damaging to the clothing. We would recommend washing your baby clothes at 30 or 40 degrees maximum. Washing your newborn clothing at 30 degrees is also better for the environment (and your monthly bills!). 

5. How can I remove stains when washing baby clothes? 

Removing stains from your baby clothes can often be a challenge as the baby is growing and learning! However, using a dab or two of a non-biological detergent should help. It's best to try and treat the stain straight away but we know this is not always so easy. If the stain does not come out using a little of non-bio detergent, we would recommend placing the baby clothes in the wash at 40 degrees opposed to 30 degrees to help fight the stain away. 

We hope our guide on how to wash baby clothes will help you with your newborn laundry and allow you to spend more time making memories. If you are looking for new born clothing, baby clothing for boys, girls and personalised baby clothing, check out our products pages for more. 

Happy washing!